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Our story is to be become a central character in YOUR story
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To build and develop the skills and abilities of individuals and organisations through the application of professional world class principles and practices to allow people to reach their target and to achieve their goals.


London Training and Coaching (LTC) is a company that offers training and consultancy services to individuals, companies and organisations. The company has nearly 30 years of experience in training and management and also in self-development and self-improvement

Our UK clients include companies such as Lloyds Bank, National Westminster Bank, Shell Oil, VISA, and British Telecom and  our Gulf clients include Kuwaiti government departments and government managers in Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

LTC works with consultants and academics specialising in Leadership, Management, Training, Coaching, and Education.


The United Kingdom has had a system of company registration since 1844.

Companies House is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies and is an executive agency of the UK Government.

All UK companies must register with Companies House and the Companies House registration number for London Training and Coaching is 10360081.


The UKRLP is the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers and is a gateway used by government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers.

LTC is registered on UKRLP allowing its information to be shared across public agencies such as the Skills Funding Agency, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and UCAS.

The register was created in 2005 and has over 30,000 learning providers. Registration is verified through Companies House registration and each provider is allocated a UK Provider Reference Number. Registration allows LTC access to UK skills funding finance by the Skills Funding Agency which is a UK government agency.

LTC is registered with UKRLP – its UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) is 10065841.

Registration on the UKRLP means that an individual or organisation has been verified against a recognised legal source. It is not an accreditation and provides no guarantee of quality learning provision. Any reference to UKRLP which may indicate endorsement, such as display of the UKRLP logo, is therefore forbidden. London Training and Coaching therefore, does not use the logo of UKRLP in any of its material.


The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the UK’s largest management body, providing industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services. ILM’s primary purpose is to improve the standards of leadership and management in order to create and drive social and economic prosperity.

ILM works with organisations of all shapes and sizes to define, develop and embed the leadership and management capability they need to succeed.

With the UK’s widest range of leadership and management qualifications, accredited training and membership services, ILM helps organisations improve productivity, motivation, decision-making and morale.

Over 750,000 managers have benefited from an ILM qualification or accredited training programme in the past ten years, while 35,000 managers are now members of ILM. Together with an ongoing research programme, this community of expertise gives ILM a valuable insight into how good leadership and management works in practice and how ILM can help individuals and organisations to improve.

ILM membership number for London Training and Coaching is 821966

LTC is a Recognised Provider of ILM and delivers several programmes accredited by ILM.